Scouter’s Shenanigans: the angry canoer


Greetings! Will here, and for this first installment of “scouter’s shenanigans” I’ll be telling you about the time me and my fellow scout learned how to canoe together at summer camp.

After getting into the canoe and heading out onto the water, me and my fellow scout, lets call him sandman, as that was his nickname, had difficulty getting “in sync” with each other’s rowing styles. Sandman would tend to want to switch which side he was rowing on and head for different targets than we were supposed to be heading for. This made things very difficult on me as I was in the back of the canoe and was supposed to be steering us toward our objectives. Long story short, sandman and I ended up going around and around in circles until we capsized the canoe! What a sight that must have been seeing two freshman in high school bickering over how to best get back into the canoe. Eventually we gave up and swam back with the canoe to shallower water where we could pick the canoe up and flip it back over. That is until i tried to climb into the boat and capsized me and the sandman again. the sandman and I finally figured out how to get back into the canoe by working together, and were able to enjoy a nice canoe out onto the lake.

The next day, the sandman and I set out with a plan. We were going to (with counselor approval) play a version of sharks and minnows, where you you work in groups of two and try to capsize other scouts’ canoes! The last group left in their canoe would win. Sandman was in charge of our canoe for the game, while I would jump out of the canoe and capsize our opponents. using our experience from the previous day, we quickly won the game and left all the other groups soaking wet before helping them back into their canoes. to this day me and the sandman still try to get our friends to go canoeing to try and capsize them again, to no avail.


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